Baby Shark CPR

This video will support learners with the speed for great chest compressions. Good CPR does however also require good depth and positioning, which we are more than happy to support through our training workshops. 


Parent Confidence Course: Paediatric CPR & Choking

"Informative class that made me feel confident in the ability to provide first aid to children in my care"  

"Very knowledgeable, very professional" 

Bevern Trust Specialist Training

"Very much enjoyed!" 

"Overall an excellent course. Very interesting and well explained."

"Just want to reiterate what fantastic feedback I received about your professionalism. Informative, engaging and enjoyable training session. The staff loved it!" 

Kate Buche (Clinical Advisor)

DolbyVivisol Specialist Training

"It was so good to deal with a young business and be trained by people who are actually doing the job. It really does make a difference!" Margaret Church 2017 (Health and Safety Manager)