Compulsory First Aid Education in Schools by 2020



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Hands on Heart Schools Campaign

Children's First Aid Workshops

We can visit schools and teach children age appropriate First Aid by delivering a range of active workshops that the children will enjoy and most importantly, remember.

Local Community

After school we can open up the event to parents and the local community and continue the learning if requested.

If you would like the further information about a Hands on Heart learning day at your school, please enquire through our email address: 


What happens on the day?

Sadly, the UK sadly does not have great statistics on survival of out of hospital cardiac arrest. Education of Basic Life Support (BLS) is fundamental if we are going to improve on these statistics.

Choice Medics are offering a free day of training in school to all the children and teachers with additional days if required. We want the children to get the most out of the day, so we work with the staff to create bespoke training most relevant to the needs of the school. Whether we focus on individual year groups or teach the whole school, we love a challenge and aim to make all learning fun, engaging and age appropriate.

In Key Stage Two, each year group can be individually taught using visual aids and manikins by experienced and practising Paramedics. BLS training will be delivered, including the use of an AED trainer.

Key stage one children can get involved too, learning how to make that important telephone call to the emergency services, how to do the recovery position and will watch a demonstration of CPR in a role play scenario with an introduction to the AED.

We don't want to just limit the training to the children. After the school day we can remain and invite parents, friends and the community into the school.

The two hour Lecture includes:

  • Basic Life Support 
  • Defibrillation
  • Choking 
  • Anaphylaxis
  • The Recovery Position. 

The cost for the adult workshops are £20 per person. 

Tickets can be purchased via the school or through our website. 

If you are a teacher or parent and would like to see this at your school, then please contact us...